Bad Alien Evidence — The Denver Video

by admin on June 9, 2008

Did you see this story? Jeff Peckman, a Denver resident, is promoting the idea of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission for his city.

On May 30, Peckman held a press conference in which he told the media that the Mile High Municipality needs to be prepared for close encounters of the weird kind.

Peckman’s rationale for the additional bureaucracy was a video showing a purported alien head popping up outside a window and looking around. The video was made by another man – Stan Romanek – in his Nebraska home five years ago (he’s since moved to Colorado). Romanek is clearly on the aliens’ dance card: he claims to have sustained more than 100 encounters with visiting extraterrestrials. He was driven to make the video because this particular Peeping Zork had been unwholesomely spying on his teenage daughters.

Now they didn’t actually play the video during the press conference: Romanek and Peckman merely showed an excerpted, fuzzy still frame. But Mathew Baxter, a skeptic in the Denver area, quickly shot his own movie of a nosey extraterrestrial – a fake which has confused a lot of people on YouTube and elsewhere, but which shows how easy it is to construct “proof” that aliens are creating a nuisance in the Nebraska suburbs.

Frankly, the evidence touted by Peckman should be thrown out of court. The imagery released so far is clearly unconvincing, not to mention the motivation (why would extraterrestrials come so many light-years merely to bug, yet again, Stan Romanek with their puerile behavior?) An easier incentive to grasp is Romanek’s interest in a bit of fame. Both he and Peckman were on “Larry King Live,” flogging the idea that this is finally the smoking gun in the matter of extraterrestrial visitation.

But here’s the kicker: King repeatedly asked why the video itself could not be shown, either on his show or anywhere else the public might see it. Romanek twice stammered through his response – “there are a lot of scientists and researchers involved in my case. They want to be sure about this before it’s released.”

So there you have it. The aliens are here, they’re spying on your teenage daughters, and it’s the scientists who are keeping this bad news from making the rounds. Sure makes sense to me.

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