Confessions of a Spore Addict

by admin on December 3, 2008

An overview of Spore from the game’s creators



As you’ll hear in this week’s show, “Got Life?”, Seth and Molly gave me a copy of Spore to play so that we could get a better understanding of the game. Well, a few hours turned into a week, and a cell turned into a galactic empire, just as the game’s creators promised. I actually decided to start over as an herbivore, and made it through each phase as a friendly, diplomatic species, who are currently under attack by the Wirbleflubby, a species from a nearby star system whose requests for communication I accidentally ignored. Oops.


p>I also ran a carnivore through the first 3 phases, eating and destroying everything I could. They’re about to start the Civilization phase, which should be interesting, as they’re anything but civilized. In another game, I ran a carnivore through the first three phases as a friendly diplomat. Getting through the creature phase without killing anything was hard because I could only eat corpses. Fruit bad, corpses good. Go figure. In yet another game (yes, even eating and sleeping were annoying interruptions last week) I found the rare omnivore mouth type during the cell phase, and I’m working on getting through the Tribal stage both hunting and gathering.


p>If anyone has any questions about Spore, I’m the most likely one here to have answers. And if you know how to win over the Wirbleflubby without selling all my artifacts, please let me know!

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