Are We Alone – Skeptic Check: Superstition

by Gary Niederhoff on August 18, 2010

Wait! Before you step outside… is it Friday the 13th? Any black cats prowling around? Broken a mirror lately? Homo sapiens are a superstitious lot. Find out why our brains are wired for irrational belief. Plus, from the 2012-end-of-the-world prophesy to colliding planets – why some people believe the universe is out to get ‘em.

Also, Brains on Vacation takes on a challenge to relativity and our Hollywood skeptic has doubts about exorcism. It’s enough to make your head spin on Skeptic Check… but don’t take our word for it!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1 – Phil Plait: The challenge to relativity.
Part 2 – Bruce Hood: Why humans are superstitious.
Part 3 – Dave Morrison: Fears of armageddon in 2012.
Part 4 – Jim Underdown: A visit to the exorcists.
Part 5 – Martin Snow: The threat of solar flares.
Part 6 – Seth and Molly discuss beliefs of the world.

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