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by Gary Niederhoff on November 17, 2010

When Seth isn’t hosting Big Picture Science, he’s kept locked away in a sensory deprivation chamber where electrodes hooked up to his brain extract ideas that are developed by robotic chimps into “essays”. Compiled here are just a few of his writings:

Why Warp Speed Will Never Happen (2/3/17)
What’s Causing Those Mysterious Bursts From Deep Space? (1/17/17)
Why Only Americans Are Interested in the Hunt for Alien Life (12/24/16)
Are Humans the Real Ancient Aliens? (12/13/16)
Good News, Alien Seekers (1/24/12)
The Ultimate Measure of a Planet (12/06/11)
‘Apollo 18’ — The Moon’s Livelier Than You Think (09/05/11)
UFOs: Believe ‘em or Not? (03/08/11)
Alien life – but not as we know it (08/24/10)
Is Manned Space Flight Obsolete? (02/09/10)
Is SETI Hopeless? (12/03/09)
Weird Ways to Search for ET (9/24/09)
Meet the Neighbors in ‘District 9’ (8/17/09)
Why Aliens Won’t Abduct You (8/12/09)
Sifting for Planets with Kepler’s Fine Comb (8/6/09)
What Will Aliens Really Look Like? (7/16/09)
Fighting Global Warming with Pavement (7/15/09)
No More TV for Aliens? (6/18/09)
When Will We Find the Extraterrestrials? (Spring 2009)
Race to the Bottom (5/28/09)
The Future is Wow (5/4/09)
Have a Wacko Theory? Write It Up (4/16/09)
Boldly Going Nowhere, (New York Times, 4/14/09, p. A21)
Surprise Recovery of Meteorites Following Asteroid Impact, (3/26/09)
What Finding Alien Life Could Mean for Earth (2/18/09)
Is Humanity a Spacefaring Race? (1/15/09)

Check out more of Seth’s ruminations and even some serious science on his publications list.

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