Are We Alone – Gone Missing

by Gary Niederhoff on January 24, 2011

We all hear about research discoveries, but what about what scientists don’t find? Tune in for a round-up of eureka moments that have yet to come, such as the hunt for the dark energy of the universe and the search for the elusive elementary particle responsible for the mass of objects.

Also, we miss the woolly mammoth so much, scientists plan to clone the hairy beast and bring the extinct animal back.

Plus, why the missing link is no longer missing, what extrasolar planets have now been found, and – NASA money for science: where’d it go?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Saul Perlmutter on dark energy.
Part 2: Alan Stern on NASA’s budget.
Part 3: Darin Croft on bringing back the Woolly Mammoth.
Part 4: Natlie Batalha on Kepler.
Part 5: Leslea Hlusko on the missing link.
Part 6: Ian Sample on the Higgs Boson.

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