Are We Alone – That’s So Random

by Gary Niederhoff on January 11, 2011

Random is as random does… makes sense doesn’t even that anyway in tune hear to randomness how lives rules.

Brain chaos the drives, restoration role of help insight ecology may into randomness the, numbers sense of make statistics can’t why we or, ants not seem of erratic behavior why the may but is.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Leonard Mlodinow on the psychology of randomness.
Part 2: Jon Chase on randomness in ecosystems.
Part 3: Lori Marino on randomness in evoloution.
Part 4: Deborah Gordon on randomness in the ant world.
Part 5: John Beggs on randomness in our brains.

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avatar Stephen January 21, 2011 at 10:44 am

I used to suffer from longest-line-sydrome. It’s the feeling that you always choose the slowest line.

Let’s say you’re at a bank with five tellers. You note who was at the end of each line. You pick a line. Before you get to your teller, you note that other lines have gotten there first.

First, the lines are fairly similar in length when you start. So you really have only a one in five chance of guessing the fastest. Secondly, the people at the ends of the line are people who would have been ahead of you. If it were ‘fair’, then they’d all get served before you. Every once in a while you really do get caught behind someone who takes a long time. It happens.

My current strategy is to pick a line, turn on my mp3 player, and enjoy another Are We Alone episode. If the line goes slower, i get to hear more of the show. If the line is fast, then i wish it were slower.

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