The new guy marvels at our clogged sync

by Keith Rozendal on January 13, 2011

First in a series of occasional observations from AWA’s new intern.

For those of you who heard Gary’s traditional clog dance in the “That’s So Random” episode and wondered how Mr. Niederhoff became so fleet-footed, I captured the studio magic of the dancing session below. Turns out, it takes two to… clog dance. Yes, Are We Alone is committed to old-fashioned radio foley art. No CD sound effects here. Dancer #1: Molly, Dancer/hyper-ventilator #2: Gary. Seth was the guy at the computer refusing to encourage the nonsense.

By the way, if you want to know who I am, my name is Keith Rozendal and I’m the Winter 2011 intern at the show. I’m actually getting course credit in my Science Communication program at UC Santa Cruz for this.

Other highlights from my first day on the “job”:

  1. Passing by two closed and locked labs on our walking tour of the new SETI building, Barbara Vance’s remarks were “these are never open. I have no idea what’s inside there.” That straight line should keep the UFO conspiracy industry busy.

  2. Mid-meeting, an earthquake strikes. Molly readies the crew to dive under the studio’s woefully weak particle board desks “in case that was just the P-wave.” Not having seen the wonderful (1980s) safety video yet, I feel helpless and mortal for a minute.

  3. Free lunch! Made possible by donations from listeners like you? No, Seth picked up the bill.

[ed note: We make sure every intern is reminded of their mortality on day one. Thankfully there was a 4.1 earthquake since the clogging didn’t seem to be getting through to Keith.]

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avatar Lourdes January 13, 2011 at 1:51 pm

This video is priceless!! Thank you very much.

avatar Gordy January 14, 2011 at 11:27 am

I love this video! Molly appears to be heavily influenced by the European folk tradition, Gary more driven by the Cherokee clogging style, and Seth by the western couch method.

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