Our cupcakes runneth over

by Keith Rozendal on February 3, 2011

Second in a series of occasional observations from AWA’s new intern, Keith Rozendal:

Imagine my surprise when the Are We Alone crew added Food Taster to my list of unpaid job duties. Not that I’m complaining; these were from a fan! I nommed on this red velvet cupcake immediately after they arrived and rode the sugar high until the team brought another show in for a landing (Skeptic Check: ESP or think again). The white Belgian chocolate-decked confection came from listener Tony Monje’s Ultimate Cupcake, outside Dallas/Ft. Worth in my home state of Texas. Tony used our Facebook page to tell us a bit about his cinematic life, what he thinks about the show, and that, in his family-owned business, “We don’t kid about our cupcakes!” I’ve gotta say it beats working for peanuts.

[ed note: Keith actually held the cupcake a few inches from his face for a full 17 minutes, unresponsive to any other external stimuli, before he finally snapped out of its trance and nommed it.]

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