Are We Alone – ¡A.I. Caramba!: 2011: An Emotional Odyssey

by Gary Niederhoff on March 29, 2011

Part 1 of 2011: An Emotional Odyssey, from ¡A.I. Caramba!, wherein we learn that the computer piloting a ship to Jupiter maybe a little more human than desired.
(TRT 3:13)

Part 2 of 2011: An Emotional Odyssey has G.A.R.Y. 9001 a bit petulant over being excluded from Seth and Molly’s dinner plans.
(TRT 0:58)

Part 3 of 2011: An Emotional Odyssey finds Seth and Molly trapped outside the ship, and only one thing will get them back inside.
(TRT 1:48)

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