Big Picture Science – Water the Chances

by Gary Niederhoff on July 25, 2011

Water, water everywhere. But most of it is sea water – you can’t drink it. Discover the most promising technologies for desalination and why solar cells are key. Also, how astronauts filter “water-closet water” to drink it, and how to turn a salt pond back to a wetland.

Plus, from Roman aqueducts to modern-day pumps: a history of quenching human thirst. And, why NASA strives to “follow the water.”

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Wetland restoration part 1.
Part 2: A human history of water.
Part 3: NASA following the water.
Part 4: Preserving water in space.
Part 5: Desalination.
Part 6: Wetland restoration part 2.

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