Big Picture Science – Plotting Along: Phil Plait

by Gary Niederhoff on August 15, 2011

Part 1 of Skeptic Check: Plotting Along, featuring Phil Plait, skeptic and keeper of Discover Magazine’s blog,, on the fallacy of anti-climate science “science”.
(TRT 6:34)

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avatar Richard September 4, 2011 at 3:55 pm

Dear Phil Plait – Please do not use the word “denier”. That is an ad-hominem attack.

“The Earth has not been heating up for the last 15 years – this is actually forehead slappingly wrong. .. 2010 was the hottest year on record. We have been going through this for quite some time now. Getting hotter and hotter in years”

Dear Phil Plait

  1. Fact – The ONLY reliable Earth temperature records we have is for 30 years, which are the satellite temperature data. Would you call an Earth temperature data set accurate or meaningful which plots the atmospheric temperatures over land (at widely spaced and erratic places) and the sea temperatures in buckets of sea water collected by passing ships?

  2. Fact – Over 30 years the temperature trend, as per the satellite data, has been 0.15C/decade

  3. Fact – This is well below the most likely scenario of the IPCC of 0.32C per decade, according to the rates of current increases in atmospheric CO2

  4. Fact – However this linear trend doesnt show accelerating or decelerating changes, or oscillations longer than the trend period.

  5. Fact – According to the temperature records 1998 has been the hottest year on record and not 2010 as stated by you.

  6. Fact – According to the satellite temperature data the Earth has NOT been warming since 1998, that is 13 years, despite atmospheric CO2 rising faster than ever.

  7. Fact – the Earth itself is one gigantic long-term climate science experiment, which beats any data-fudging, short-term, false modelling models of current “climate scientists”.

  8. Fact – during the several billion years or our atmospheric existence the Earth has never had run-away doomsday-scenario global warming as predicted by the doomsayers.
    The warm periods of the Earth have been in fact very productive for life and civilisation and the cold periods the opposite.
    This points to our atmospheric system being self correcting within a narrow range.
    Thus when CO2 rises we have more clouds for example producing cooling etc.

Just a few things you might consider.

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