Big Picture Science – Skeptic Check: Plotting Along

by Gary Niederhoff on August 15, 2011

It’s been ten years since the fall of the Twin Towers, but some still believe that the attack was an inside job. They’re not the only ones to buy into a conspiratorial view of world events. Others deny President Obama’s American birth… link autism with vaccines… and even claim that the fluo ride in our drinking water is there to control our minds. Is it the truth – or the fringe groups – that are “out there?”

Find out why some tinfoil hat ideas never go away. Also, the roots of rational argument: did our brains evolve to seek the truth… or just win arguments?

It’s Skeptic Check… but don’t take our word for it!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Anti-climate science “science”
Part 2: The conspiracist underground
Part 3: Reinforcing “truth”
Part 4: Tin foil hats
Part 5: The evolution of rational thinking

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avatar Richard September 4, 2011 at 2:03 pm

What exactly is “Anti-climate science”?

And what exactly is climate science?

Is “insects could serve as a more environmentally friendly alternative for the production of animal protein with respect to GHG and NH3 emissions” Climate Science?

or “Denmark evicting citizens to clear cut forests for wind turbines”?

Or “Global Warming “leads to more violence” ?

Phil Plait should stick to astronomy not other subjects he knows nothing about.

And who is the sceptic here? Someone who believes the political IPCC yarn that anthropogenic, greenhouse-gas forced warming is the oh so dominant cause of global warming that we can safely neglect all other factors of warming or cooling. Or someone who doubts that?

As for the Earths climate being self-correcting we have the experiments of several billion years of Earths history to fall back on. The Earths temperatures have fluctuated within a comparatively narrow range while CO2 levels and even the sun’s radiation have fluctuated widely. There has been no run-away global warming. What we have to fear the most is global cooling. North America and Europe would be wiped out if they were covered in ice sheets as they have often been.

Is Phil Plait aware that CO2 is a trace gas and plant food? That all the carbon of trees comes from the atmosphere and not from the soil? That horticulturists pump CO2 into our hothouses to make plants grow better because it is so severely depleted in our atmosphere?

I am a great fan of your big picture science podcasts, including this one. But this bit by Phil Plait has fouled up the atmosphere.

Please consign and confine him to outer space or I shall not be happy.

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