The Exultant Ark

by Jay on October 23, 2011

The cover of "The Exultant Ark". A mother bonobo tosses her baby into the air.

In our episode “Happy Daze“, Molly spoke to biologist Jonathan Balcombe about the role of play and pleasure in the animal kingdom. He’s collected over a hundred images of happy animals in his book “The Exultant Ark – A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure”, and Jonathan was kind enough to let us share some of those images with you! If you have our smartphone app, be sure to check out our bonus segment “The Exultant Ark” where he and Molly discuss the significance of these images – or just scroll through and enjoy!

You can find more about Jonathan and his work at his website:

Two polar bears wrestle in Manitoba, Canada

An owl expresses its affection with nibbles.

Three macaws demonstrate their close relationship through the act of allopreening

A Norway Rat named Delphiniums Blue gets a tickle from his human companion.

A domestic dog is groomed by a group of wild langurs.

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