Big Picture Science – OMG GMO?: Bitter Seeds

by Gary Niederhoff on June 18, 2012

Part 7 of Skeptic Check: OMG, GMO?, featuring Micah Peled, founder of Teddy Bear Films, and the filmmaker for “Bitter Seeds”, a documentary about the impact of GMOs on Indian farmers.
(TRT 11:24)

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avatar Eric Johnson June 25, 2012 at 5:05 am

From Wikipedia:

There have been claims of genetically-modified (GM) seeds (such as Bt cotton) being responsible for the farmer suicides.[25][26][27][28] A short documentary by Frontline (U.S. TV series) suggested that farmers using GM seeds promoted by Cargill and Monsanto have led to rising debts and forced some into the equivalent of indentured servitude to the moneylenders.[29]
A report released by the International Food Policy Research Institute in October 2008 provided evidence that the introduction of Bt cotton was not a major factor in farmer suicides in India.[30] It argues that the suicides predate the introduction of the cotton in 2002 and has been fairly consistent since 1997.[30][31] Other studies also suggest the increase in farmer suicides is due to a combination of various socio-economic factors.[32] These include debt, the difficulty of farming semi-arid regions, poor agricultural income, absence of alternative income opportunities, the downturn in the urban economy forcing non-farmers into farming, and the absence of suitable counseling services.[32][33]

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