Big Picture Science – A Martian Curiosty

by Gary Niederhoff on August 13, 2012

We dig the Red Planet! And so does Curiosity. After a successful landing, and a round of high-fives at NASA, the latest rover to land on Mars is on the move, shovel in mechanical hand.

Discover how the Mars Science Laboratory will hunt for the building blocks of life, and just what the heck a lipid is. Plus, how to distinguish Martians from Earthlings, and the tricks Mars has played on us in the past (canals, anyone?).

Also, want to visit Mars firsthand? We can point you to the sign-up sheet for a manned mission. The catch: the ticket is one-way.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Landing on Mars
Part 2: Science on Mars
Part 3: A Brief History of Mars Exploration
Part 4: Martian Geology
Part 5: Organics on Mars
Part 6: Lipids? Lipids!
Part 7: Second Genesis
Part 8: One-Way Trip to Mars

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