Big Picture Science – The Invisible In-Between

by Gary Niederhoff on September 3, 2012

To need air is human. Our lungs thank us for each breath we take. But air is more than a transporter of O2. It shapes our weather, keeps birds aloft and moves spores from here to there. A cubic foot of air is anything but “empty” (hot dog grease particles, anyone?).

The same goes for space (minus the hot dog grease). It’s a happening place. Discover why interstellar space is more than a whole lot o’ nothing; and what happens when the Voyager spacecraft leaves our solar system. Plus, catch a skydiver in action!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Skydive!
Part 2: The Physics of Skydiving
Part 3: Molly’s Bad Altitude
Part 4: In the Air
Part 5: Fat in the Air?
Part 6: Ether: It’s There or It’s Not
Part 7: Voyager’s Travels
Part 8: Alex Filippenko

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