Big Picture Science – Going Global

by Gary Niederhoff on November 5, 2012

The Internet is not the only globally-uniting phenomenon. Viruses and bacteria can circle the globe as fast as we can, and the effects can be devastating. Discover what it takes for an animal disease to become a human pandemic. Also, was hurricane Sandy a man-made disaster? The future of severe storms and climate change.

Plus, the view of our science from abroad: why Brits have no trouble accepting the theory of evolution but Americans do. And what about a new annex for Silicon Valley – 12 miles out to sea?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Jerry Meehl – Super Storms
Part 2: Climate Change Insurance
Part 3: Alok Jha – Attitudes Toward Science
Part 4: Max Marty – Silicon Valley II: The Ocean
Part 5: David Quammen – Disease Spillover

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