Big Picture Science – Remembers Only

by Gary Niederhoff on December 24, 2012

You must remember this… wait, wait… I had it… on the tip of my tongue… (Memory is a tricky thing and most of us would like to improve it)… oh, yes: Discover the secrets of stupefying, knock-your-socks-off recall by a U.S. Memory Champion.

Also, almost everything we know about memory comes from the life of one man born in 1926 and known as H.M., the world’s “most unforgettable amnesiac.”

Plus, the sum total of the global data storage capacity in hard drives, thumb drives, the Internet, you name it… guess how many exabytes it comes to?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Joshua Foer on memory training.
Part 2: The story of patient HM.
Part 3: Joshua Foer part 2.
Part 4: Larry Squire and Jacopo Annese on the neuroscience of memory.
Part 5: Martin Hilbert on digital storage capacity.
Part 6: Part two of the story of patient HM.

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