Face to Face

by Gary Niederhoff on February 27, 2013

In our recent show Skeptic Check: About Face, we interviewed creative technologist Greg Borenstein, who uses FaceTracker software to find the “faces” we often see thanks to a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. In the above image, you can see the “smiley face” in the key, overlaid with the vectored “face” detected by the software.

In the show, Greg and our reporter Marissa Fesenden run across a FDNY sprinkler connection that they both think looks like a face, perhaps belonging to a frog. The software, however, finds its own tiny pareidolic visage elsewhere in the image: The software also sometimes catches faces you might not have noticed, like in this cookie: And, most eerie, faces you don’t see at all: You can read more about Greg’s experiences with FaceTracker on his blog, Ideas for Dozens.

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