Big Picture Science – De-Extinction

by Gary Niederhoff on April 28, 2013

Maybe goodbye isn’t forever. Get ready to mingle with mammoths and gaze upon a ground sloth. Scientists want to give some animals a round-trip ticket back from oblivion. Learn how we might go from scraps of extinct DNA to creating live previously-extinct animals, and the man who claims it’s his mission to repopulate the skies with passenger pigeons.

But even if we have the tools to bring vanished animals back, should we?

Plus, the extinction of our own species: are we engineering the end of humans via our technology?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Beth Shapiro on how de-extinction might work
Part 2: Ben Novak on bringing back the passenger pigeon
Part 3: Hank Greely on the ethics of de-extinciton
Part 4: Melanie Challenger on humans’ relationship with nature
Part 5: Nick Bostrum on human extinction

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