Big Picture Science – Fundest Show Ever

by Gary Niederhoff on May 14, 2013

You can remember yesterday, but not tomorrow. But why? We consider the arrow of time and why its direction was set by the Big Bang. Also, artificial blood cells and life in a deep Antarctic lake.

You’ll hear how Stephen King thinks that humankind is metaphorically living under a big dome, and why we really want to go into space, according to Neil Tyson.

And … skeptical takes on faces in cheese sandwiches and the supposedly special powers of psychics.

All this and more on this special Big Picture Science.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Neil deGrasse Tyson on human space exploration
Part 2: Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains
Part 3: Jeremy Bailenson takes Seth into Virtual Reality
Part 4: Jennifer Heldmann prepares for a trip to Mars
Part 5: Speed dating with the Gastrotrich
Part 6: Stephen King takes us under the dome
Part 7: Jim Underdown poses as a psychic on Dr. Phil
Part 8: Phil Plait on pareidolia
Part 9: Benjamin Radford explains Breatharianism
Part 10: Steven Novella eyes iridology
Part 11: Jill Mikucki and Helen Fricker reunite to discuss life in Antarctica
Part 12: Joseph DeSimone on synthetic blood cells
Part 13: Sean Carroll explains time
Part 14: The BiPiSci crew amidst a weather event
Part 15: Bill Anders’ famous photograph

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