Big Picture Science – Stomach This

by Gary Niederhoff on May 6, 2013

Not all conversation is appropriate for the dinner table – and that includes, strangely enough, the subject of eating. Yet what happens during the time that food enters our mouth and its grand exit is a model of efficiency and adaptation.

Author Mary Roach takes us on a tour of the alimentary canal, while a researcher describes his invention of an artificial stomach. Plus, a psychologist on why we find certain foods and smells disgusting. And, you don’t eat them but they could wiggle their way within nonetheless: surgical snakebots.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Mary Roach from one end to the other
Part 2: Martin Wickham on the artificial stomach
Part 3: Paul Rozin on what disgusts us
Part 4: A visit to fictional restaurant Le Plat Dégoûtant
Part 5: Michael Gershon on the relationship between our gut and brain
Part 6: Howie Choset on the potential surgical applications of his robotic snake

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