Big Picture Science – Follywood Science: Lucas Kavner

by Gary Niederhoff on September 8, 2013

Follywood Science: Lucas Kavner
Part 2 of Skeptic Check: Follywood Science, featuring Lucas Kavner, reporter, Huffington Post, author of a piece on the rise of robot surrogates.
(TRT 10:53)

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avatar mike scott September 11, 2013 at 4:27 am

Absolutely love the program, but was surprised (and a bit disappointed) by the comment, in this week’s discussion on robot surrogates, that Hollywood scifi had never dealt with concept of copying one’s personality to a robot or computer to extend life. This was a central issue in both Blade Runner (Rachel is definitely -but unknown to her – a robot copy of Tyrell’s niece; Deckard may or may not also be artificial) and A.I. (robot based on designer’s dead son). The classic Star Trek:TOS episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” used this as THE major plot twist on which the whole episode turned. (Also a theme that came up several times as the character of Data developed over the course of TNG) Don’t know about Mr. Kavner, but would have thought Seth might have recalled the Star Trek angles on this

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