Big Picture Science – Emergence

by Gary Niederhoff on October 13, 2013

Big Picture Science – Emergence

Your brain is made up of cells. Each one does its own, cell thing. But remarkable behavior emerges when lots of them join up in the grey matter club. You are a conscious being – a single neuron isn’t.

Find out about the counter-intuitive process known as emergence – when simple stuff develops complex forms and complex behavior – and all without a blueprint.

Plus self-organization in the natural world, and how Darwinian evolution can be speeded up.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Randy Schekman on cell structures
Part 2: Steve Potter on neural emergence
Part 3: Terence Deacon the emergence of consciousness
Part 4: Simon DeDeo on the engine of complexity
Part 5: Leslie Valiant on the complexity of evolution (and the evolution of complexity)

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avatar Richard January 25, 2014 at 6:08 am

If the nucleus is not the brains of the cell but merely contains the instructions on how to do things – replicate the cell? make proteins? – then what are the brains of the cell? The command centre as it were. Our brains tell our body what to do – run, eat etc, what tells the cells what to do?
Also animals have mitochondria which convert food and oxygen into energy and plants have chloroplasts which use the energy from sunlight – (to make food for the plant?) Why then has some organism not evolved that uses chloroplasts but is mobile like animals? Plankton? Are they plants? Do they do the same thing like plants? Use chloroplasts? Are they unicellular or multicellular? why have they not evolved to form a complex life form like a whale for example? Surely life forms that use solar energy directly would have some advantages?

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