Big Picture Science – Life in Space

by Gary Niederhoff on October 7, 2013

Big Picture Science – Life in Space

Discovering bacteria on Mars would be big news. But nothing would scratch our alien itch like making contact with intelligent life. Hear why one man is impatient for the discovery, and also about the new tools that may speed up the “eureka” moment. One novel telescope may help us find E.T. at home, by detecting the heat of his cities.

Also, the father of modern SETI research, and how decoding the squeals of dolphins could teach us how to communicate with aliens.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Lee Billings on the longevity of extra terrestrial civilizations
Part 2: Olivier Guyon on habitable exoplanets
Part 3: Jeff Kuhn on SETI through direct observation
Part 4: Denise Herzing on dolphin communication
Part 5: Frank Drake on non-human intelligent life on Earth

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