Big Picture Science – Skeptic Check: Science Blunders

by Gary Niederhoff on November 24, 2013

Skeptic Check: Science Blunders

We’ve all had an “oops” moment. Scientists are no exception. Sometimes science stumbles in the steady march of progress. Find out why cold fusion is a premier example why you shouldn’t hold a press conference before publishing your results. Also, how to separate fumbles from faux-science from fraud.

Plus, why ignorance is what really drives the scientific method.

And our Hollywood skeptic poses as a psychic for Dr. Phil, while our Dr. Phil (Plait) investigates the authenticity of a life-bearing meteorite.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Phil Plait on Unlikely Evidence for Panspermia
Part 2: David Goodstein on Cold Fusion
Part 3: Michael Gordin on Pseudoscience
Part 4: Jim Underdown on Posing as a Psychic
Part 5: Stuart Firestein on Ignorance

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