Big Picture Science – What the Hack

by Gary Niederhoff on November 10, 2013

Big Picture Science – What the Hack

A computer virus that bombards you with pop-up ads is one thing. A computer virus that shuts down a city’s electric grid is another. Welcome to the new generation of cybercrime. Discover what it will take to protect our power, communication and transportation systems as scientists try to stay ahead of hackers in an ever-escalating game of cat and mouse.

The expert who helped decipher the centrifuge-destroying Stuxnet virus tells us what he thinks is next. Also convenience vs. vulnerability as we connect to the Internet of Everything. And, the journalist who wrote that Google was “making us stupid,” says automation is extracting an even higher toll: we’re losing basic skills. Such as how to fly airplanes.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Molly’s compu-conundrum
Part 2: Eric Chien on stuxnet
Part 3: Paul Jacobs on internet integrated health care
Part 4: Shankar Sastry on securing the internet of things
Part 5: Nicholas Carr on the pitfalls of relying on technology

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avatar John Dangerfield Cooper November 17, 2013 at 11:35 am

I was surprised that no one mentioned the science fiction H+ series on YouTube about a near future society in which everyone is injected with nanobots that give their medical information to the internet. In the fictional scenario, the medical system becomes more and more advanced and then someone injects a virus into the system that causes worldwide disaster. Listening to the Qualcomm plan is eerily like the fictional screenplay.

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