Big Picture Science – Animal Instinct

by Gary Niederhoff on December 30, 2013

Big Picture Science – Animal Instinct/a>

Mooooove over, make way for the cows, the chickens … and other animals! Humans can learn a lot from our hairy, feathered, four-legged friends. We may wear suits and play Sudoku, but Homo sapiens are primates just the same. We’ve met the animal, and it is us.

Discover the surprising similarity between our diseases and those that afflict other animals, including pigs that develop eating disorders. Plus, what the octopus can teach us about national security … how monkeying around evolved into human speech … and the origins of moral behavior in humans.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1:
Rafe Sagarin – Octopus Wisdom
Part 2: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz & Kathryn Bowers – Zoobiquity
Part 3: Asif Ghazanfar – Monkey Talk
Part 4: Christopher Boehm – Animal Ethics

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