Big Picture Science – Group Think: Gordon Gauchat

by Gary Niederhoff on December 22, 2013

Group Think – Gordon Gauchat
Part 4 of Group Think, featuring Gordon Gauchat, sociologist, University North Carolina, Chapel Hill on the phenomenon of American conservatives’ distrust of science.
(TRT 6:40)

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avatar Aureliano Sanchez-Arango December 28, 2013 at 8:25 am

I did not hear the speaker explore the possibility that it is the very politicization of science, almost monopolistically by the American left, which has engendered such distrust among conservatives. That is, it is not science per se we distrust, but liberal scientists with political agendas. Rather, the speaker relies on a confusion between distrust of science and a distrust of particular political agendas, the advocacy behind which is often misleading. One example is the frequently cited “consensus” among scientists about global warming; this is a complete fallacy. Hypotheses are confirmed or falsified by empirical evidence, not by plebiscite. Evolution and gravity are not subject to vote. So why are scientists, who know better, so often flogging such a fraudulent trope as “evidence” for climate change? Such subterfuge makes me, a highly educated conservative, quite skeptical of the climate change political agenda.

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