Big Picture Science – Math’s Days are Numbered

by Gary Niederhoff on December 2, 2013

Big Picture Science – Math’s Days are Numbered

Imagine a world without algebra. We can hear the sound of school children applauding. What practical use are parametric equations and polynomials, anyway? Even some scholars argue that algebra is the Latin of today, and should be dropped from the mandatory curriculum.

But why stop there? Maybe we should do away with math classes altogether.

An astronomer says he’d be out of work: we can all forget about understanding the origins of the universe, the cycles of the moon and how to communicate with alien life. Also, no math = no cybersecurity + hackers (who have taken math) will have the upper hand.

Also, without mathematics, you’ll laugh < you do now. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has peppered his animated show with hidden math jokes.

And why mathematics = love.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Andrew Hacker on math requirements
Part 2: Bob Berman on math and astronomy
Part 3: Simon Singh on math and The Simpsons
Part 4: Rob Manning explains why NASA needs math
Part 5: Edward Frenkel on math and cybersecurity

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