Big Picture Science – Before the Big Bang

by Barbara Vance on February 24, 2014

Big Picture Science – Before the Big Bang
It’s one of the biggest questions you can ask: has the universe existed forever? The Big Bang is supposedly the moment it all began. But now scientists wonder if there isn’t an earlier chapter to our origin story. And maybe chapters before that! What happened before the Big Bang? It’s the ultimate prequel.

Plus – the Big Bang as scientific story: nail biter or snoozer?

Listen to individual segments here: Part 1: The Big Bang: An Introduction Part 2: Sean Carroll and Cosmic Microwave Background Part 3: Simon Steele on the origin of the Big Bang Theory Part 4: Sean Carroll on the Higgs Boson Part 5: Andrei Linde on Alternative Origin Theories Part 6: Jonathan Gottschall on the Story of the Universe Part 7: Marcus Chown on the Difficutly in Determining the Origin of the Universe

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