Big Picture Science – Gene Hack, Man

by Gary Niederhoff on February 9, 2014

Big Picture Science – Gene Hack, Man

Computers and DNA have a few things in common. Both use digital codes and are prone to viruses. And, it seems, both can be hacked. From restoring the flavor of tomatoes to hacking into the president’s DNA, discover the promise and peril of gene tinkering.

Plus, computer hacking. Just how easy is it to break into your neighbor’s email account? What about the CIA’s?

Also, one man’s concern that radio telescopes might pick up an alien computer virus.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: George Weinstock on our Microbiome’s Genome
Part 2: Jim Giovannoni on the Huge Genome of the Tiny Tomato
Part 3: Andrew Hessel on Hacking the President’s DNA
Part 4: Dick Carrigan on Receiving Encoded Viruses from ET
Part 5: Dan Kaminsky on Computer Security

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