Big Picture Science – Do The Math

by Gary Niederhoff on March 23, 2014

Big Picture Science – Do The Math

One plus one is two. But what’s the square root of 64, divided by 6 over 12?* Wait, don’t run for the hills! Math isn’t scary. It helps us describe and design our world, and can be easier to grasp than the straight edge of a protractor.

Discover how to walk through the city and number-crunch simultaneously using easy tips for estimating the number of bricks in a building or squirrels in the park. Plus, why our brains are wired for finger-counting … whether aliens would have calculators … and history’s most famous mathematical equations (after e=mc2).

*The answer is 16

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Math Experiment
Part 2: Ian Stewart – Famous Equations
Part 3: Michael Anderson – Finger Counting
Part 4: Keith Devlin – Communicating Through Math
Part 5: John Adam – Everyday Math

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