Big Picture Science – Space For Everyone

by Gary Niederhoff on March 3, 2014

Big Picture Science – Space For Everyone

Is space the place for you? With a hefty amount of moolah, a trip there and back can be all yours. But when the price comes down, traffic into space may make the L.A. freeway look like a back-country lane.

Space is more accessible than it once was, from the development of private commercial flights … to a radical new telescope that makes everyone an astronomer … to mining asteroids for their metals and water to keep humanity humming for a long time.

Plus, move over Russia and America: Why the next words you hear from space may be in Mandarin.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Leonard David – Private Space Flight
Part 2: Mario Juric – LSST
Part 3: Philip Lubin – Deflecting Asteroids
Part 4: John Lewis – Mining Asteroids
Part 5: James Oberg – Space Race 2.0

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