Big Picture Science – Our Tasteless Show

by Gary Niederhoff on April 27, 2014

Big Picture Science – Our Tasteless Show

Imagine biting into a rich chocolate donut and not tasting it. That’s what happened to one woman when she lost her sense of smell. Discover what scientists have learned about how the brain experiences flavor, and the evolutionary intertwining of odor and taste.

Plus a chef who tricks tongues into tasting something they’re not. It’s chemical camouflage that can make crabgrass taste like basil and turn bitter crops into delicious dishes – something that could improve nutrition world-wide.

Meanwhile, are we a tasty treat for aliens? Discover whether we might be attractive snacks for E.T. And, out-of-this-world recipes from a “gAstronomy” cookbook!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Bonnie Blodgett – losing her sense of smell
Part 2: Gordon Shepherd – how taste works
Part 3: Homaro Cantu – the miracle berry
Part 4: Niki Parenteau – E.T. cuisine
Part 5: Markus Hotakainen – gAstronomy

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