Big Picture Science – That’s Containment!

by Gary Niederhoff on April 13, 2014

Big Picture Science – That’s Containment!

We all crave power: to run laptops, charge cell phones, and play Angry Birds. But if generating energy is easy, storing it is not. Remember when your computer conked out during that cross-country flight? Why can’t someone build a better battery?

Discover why battery design is stuck in the 1800s, and why updating it is key to future green transportation (not to mention more juice for your smartphone). Also, how to build a new type of solar cell that can turn sunlight directly into fuel at the pump.

Plus, force fields, fat cells and other storage systems. And: Shock lobster! Energy from crustaceans?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Dan Lankford on Batteries
Part 2: Jackie Stephens on Fat Cells
Part 3: Kevin MacVittie on Lobster Batteries
Part 4: Nate Lewis on Solar Energy Storage
Part 5: Alex Filippenko on Interstellar Fuel
Part 6: Peter Williams on Force Fields

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