Big Picture Science – Just For The Fund Of It

by Gary Niederhoff on May 25, 2014

Big Picture Science – Just For The Fund Of It

Get ready for déjà vu as you listen to some of our favorite interviews in the past year. It’s our annual fundraising podcast. Come for the great interviews, stay for the great interviews. Lend us your support along the way.

What’s for dinner? Maybe fried bugs. Listen as we do a taste test. Speaking of dinner, learn why saliva’s acceptable as long as it’s in our mouth. But dollop some into our own soup, and we push the bowl away.

Hear adventures of space walking and of space hunting: what happens to the search for extrasolar planets now that the Kepler spacecraft is compromised, and an astronomy research project that takes our interviewer by surprise. Plus, the case for scrapping high school algebra. That’s right: No more “the first train leaves Cleveland at 4:00 pm …” problems. Also … why “The Simpsons” is chock-a-block with advanced math.

And, in a world where everyone carries GPS technology in their pockets, will humans ever get lost again – and what’s lost if we don’t.

Plus, Mary Roach gives us a tour of our digestive systems.

All this and more on a special Big Picture Science podcast.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Mary Roach – Gulp
Part 2: Geoff Marcy – Exoplanets
Part 3: Hiawatha Bray – GPS
Part 4: Chris Hadfield – Spacewalk
Part 5: BiPiSci – Eating Bugs
Part 6: Andrew Hacker – Math Requirements
Part 7: Simon Singh – Simpsons Sine Language
Part 8: Jill Mikucki – Science Shutdown
Part 9: Michael Pollan – Plant Intelligence
Part 10: Josh Rosenau – Denialist Tactics
Part 11: Mary Roach – After Gulp

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