Big Picture Science – A New Hope For Life In Space

by Gary Niederhoff on June 1, 2014

Big Picture Science – A New Hope For Life In Space

Alien life. A flurry of recent discoveries has shifted the odds of finding it. Scientists use the Kepler telescope to spot a planet the same size and temperature as Earth … and announce that there could be tens of billions of similar worlds, just in our galaxy!

Plus, new gravity data suggests a mammoth reservoir of water beneath the icy skin of Saturn’s moon Enceladus … and engineers are already in a race to design drills that can access the subsurface ocean of another moon, Jupiter’s Europa.

Meanwhile Congress holds hearings to assess the value of looking for life in space. Seth Shostak goes to Washington to testify. Hear what he said and whether the exciting discoveries in astrobiology have stimulated equal enthusiasm among those who hold the purse strings.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Seth Shostak – Funding Exploration
Part 2: Elisa Quintana – Kepler 186f
Part 3: Chris McKay – Life Nearby
Part 4: Victoria Siegel – Astrobiology Tech
Part 5: Cynthia Phillips – Planetary Missions

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