Big Picture Science – Apt To Adapt

by Gary Niederhoff on June 8, 2014

Big Picture Science – Apt To Adapt

If you move with the times, you might stick around long enough to pass on your genes. And that is adaptation and evolution, in a nutshell.

But humans are changing their environment faster than their genes can keep pace. This has led to a slew of diseases – from backache to diabetes – according to one evolutionary biologist. And our technology may not get us out of the climate mess we’ve created. So just how good are we at adapting to the world around us?

Find out as you also discover why you should run barefoot … the history of rising tides … why one dedicated environmentalist has thrown in the towel … and an answer to the mystery of why Hawaiian crickets suddenly stopped chirping.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Daniel Lieberman – Evolution Falls Behind
Part 2: Brian Fagan – Rising Oceans
Part 3: Paul Kingsnorth – Adapting to Ecocide
Part 4: Marlene Zuk – Silence of the Crickets

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