Big Picture Science – Eye Spy: Cat Burglars

by Gary Niederhoff on August 4, 2014

Eye Spy – Cat Burglars
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Part 4 of Eye Spy, featuring Gary’s explanation of how he and his wife use a networked surveillance camera to catch neighbor cats sneaking in through the cat door to steal their cats’ food.

(TRT 3:17)

The photo above is the first ever captured by the camera, with Gary’s cat, Wiebe, looking at the door and a mysterious neighbor cat looking in. The photo below is of two neighbor cats fighting through the cat door. The one inside is “Andy” and the one looking in is “Big Steve”. Big Steve has since scared away all other neighbor cats and pretty much considers Gary’s house his territory. Gary would like to get his cats some intensive karate training at a cat dojo, were there such a thing.

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