Big Picture Science – Eye Spy

by Gary Niederhoff on August 4, 2014

Big Picture Science – Eye Spy
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Who’s watching you? Could be anyone, really. Social media sites, webcams, CCTV cameras and smartphones have made keeping tabs on you as easy as tapping “refresh” on a tablet. And who knows what your cell phone records are telling the NSA?

Surveillance technology has privacy on the run, as we navigate between big data benefits and Big Brother intrusion.

Find out why wearing Google Glass could make everything you see the property of its creator, and which Orwellian technologies are with us today. But just how worried should we be? A cyber security expert weighs in.

Also, the benefits of an eye in the sky. A startup company claims that their suite of microsatellites will help protect Earth’s fragile environment.

And Gary catches a cat burglar!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Robert Gehl – Google Glass
Part 2: Hal Rappaport – Orwell’s 1984
Part 3: Susan Landau – Surveillance or Security?
Part 4: Gary Niederhoff – Cat Burglars
Part 5: William Marshall – Surveillance from Space

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