Big Picture Science – Who’s Controlling Whom?: Athena Aktipis / Gut Decisions

by Gary Niederhoff on October 13, 2014

Who’s Controlling Whom? – Athena Aktipis
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Part 5 of Who’s Controlling Whom?, featuring Athena Aktipis, cooperation theorist at Arizona State University and director of Human and Social Evolution at the Center for Evolution and Cancer at University of California, San Francisco, describing research on how microbes in our digestive system may influence our dietary choices.
(TRT 12:18)

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avatar dave March 16, 2016 at 9:46 am

I think that the humonculus that live in our stomachs. I.e. the bugs.
I call thim humonculus because we build them like large parties and are stomach. And when I make my garden tea it a whole another homunculi. When I make tea for me I oxidize or ferment the leaves. Just like I do that the garden tea. When I collect up plants if I just threw them in their green. It would make a mess of it because the plants don’t know about their fertilizer yet. But if you let them set for two days in the sun they figure it out. And the bugs in them change to start breaking themselves down. Those are the bugs you make the party a but those are the main bugs in your body. But they are who they party with.

At least that is what I think. Dave

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