Big Picture Science – Microbes: Resistance is Futile

by Gary Niederhoff on March 15, 2015

Big Picture Science – Microbes: Resistance is Futile

You are what you eat. Whether you dine on kimchi, carnitas, or corn dogs determines which microbes live in your stomach. And gut microbes make up only part of your total microbiome.

Find out how your microbes are the brains-without-brains that affect your health and even your mood. Also, why you and your cohorts are closer than you thought: new research suggests that you swap and adopt bugs from your social set.

Plus, the philosophical questions that are arise when we realize that we have more microbial DNA than human DNA.

And a woman who skipped soap and shampoo for a month to see what would grow on her.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Bill Miller / Hologenome
Part 2: Beth Archie / Shared Microbiome
Part 3: Nada Gilgorov / Microbiomes R Us
Part 4: Julia Scott / Bacteria Bath

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