Big Picture Science – Power to the People

by Gary Niederhoff on March 23, 2015

Big Picture Science – Power to the People

Let there be light! Well, it’s easy to do: just flip a switch. But it took more than the invention of the light bulb to make that possible. It required new technology for the distribution of electricity. And that came, not so much from Thomas Edison, but from a Serbian genius named Nikola Tesla.

Hear his story plus ideas on what might be the breakthrough energy innovations of the future. Perhaps hydrogen-fueled cars, nuclear fusion electrical generators or even orbiting solar cells?

Plus, a reminder of cutting-edge technology back in Napoleon’s day: lighthouses.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Bernard Carlson / Nikola Tesla
Part 2: Michael Dunne / Fusion Energy
Part 3: Tom Baker / Hydrogen Cars
Part 4: Paul Young / Power Sats
Part 5: Theresa Levitt / Lighthouses

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