Big Picture Science – It’s All Relative

by Gary Niederhoff on June 13, 2015

Big Picture Science – It’s All Relative

A century ago, Albert Einstein rewrote our understanding of physics with his Theory of General Relativity. Our intuitive ideas about space, time, mass, and gravity turned out to be wrong.

Find out how this masterwork changed our understanding of how the universe works and why you can thank Einstein whenever you turn on your GPS.

Also, high-profile experiments looking for gravitational waves and for black holes will put the theories of the German genius to the test – will they pass?

And why the story of a box, a Geiger counter, and a zombie cat made Einstein and his friend Erwin Schrödinger uneasy about the quantum physics revolution.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Jeff Bennett / What Is Relativity?
Part 2: Hiawatha Bray / Relativity and GPS
Part 3: Paul Halpern / Einstein & Schrödinger
Part 4: Beverly Berger / Gravitational Waves
Part 5: Jeff Bennett / Proving Relativity

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