Big Picture Science – Skeptic Seth: Steven Novella / Health Gimmicks

by Gary Niederhoff on August 17, 2015

pro vs anti bioticsimage by Alia Rezk
Skeptic Seth – Health Gimmicks
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Part 2 of Skeptic Check: Skeptic Seth, featuring Steven Novella, assistant professor of neurology at Yale University School of Medicine and host of the “Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe” podcast, enlightening Seth on the supposed benefits of raw milk, vitamins, and probiotics.

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avatar chay August 18, 2015 at 12:25 pm

You should really credit Alia Rezk for the image, unless you have in the actual podcast.,guys/style,shirt

avatar john September 12, 2016 at 7:51 pm

I don’t believe Mr. Novella. He provides no useful informationI for the healthcare consumer, just rhetorical one sided dogma. One could likely conclude from past evidence that Mr. Novella’s agenda is to provide sensationalized one-sided opinions to gain notoriety and pacify his ego and pocket book. Why would a Yale neurologist need to supplement his income in this manner? Is there nothing better he can do than to write whimsical article’s for adrenaline starved hypochondriacs. Maybe you could help more people with your factually science based….I’m sorry(applied science) medicine. Scientific fact works all the time like gravity. Medicine has proven that it doesn’t work every time. Like maybe… antibiotics, not understanding the physiological mechanism of aspirin until recently, and let’s not forget prescription drugs and their perfect historical record. It’s easy to be a skeptic. But you improperly label your profession as scientific. Yes, it is easy for one to question a plethora of subjects; but, one then should show the insight to scrutinize the limitations of their so called fact based scientific methods. My presented 43 y/o cousin had presented with inability to stand on one leg without losing balance. I promptly concluded she had ipsidoodleitis of the oscadevousshe. She askedme, what can you do for me? I said nothing I just get paid to diagnose. She was skeptical, and so am I.

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