Big Picture Science – Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet

by Gary Niederhoff on November 16, 2015

Big Picture Science – Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet

What’s for dinner? Meat, acorns, tubers, and fruit. Followers of the Paleo diet say we should eat what our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago, when our genes were perfectly in synch with the environment.

We investigate the reasoning behind going paleo with the movement’s pioneer, as well as with an evolutionary biologist. Is it true that our genes haven’t changed much since our hunter-gatherer days?

Plus, a surprising dental discovery is nothing for cavemen to smile about.

And another fad diet that has a historical root: the monastic tradition of 5:2 – five days of eating and two days of fasting.

It’s our monthly look at critical thinking, Skeptic Check … but don’t take our word for it.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Loren Cordain – The Paleo Diet
Part 2: Andrew Jotischky – The Monk Diet
Part 3: Louise Humphrey – Paleolithic dental problems
Part 4: Marlene Zuk – Paleo Fantasy

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