Big Picture Science – Cosmic Conundra: Seth Shostak / Alien Megastructure?

by Gary Niederhoff on December 6, 2015

Cosmic Conundra – Alien Megastructure?
click to listen (TRT 10:43)

Part 4 of Cosmic Conundra, featuring Seth’s description of the unexplained intermittent dimming of a star called KIC 8462852, which some theorize is caused by an alien megastructure.

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avatar Alcyon December 11, 2015 at 2:52 pm

If this is a red dwarf, if it’s a gas giant 3 Times larger than Jupiter orbiting it (and all that is quite possible) and if the giant orbits pretty close (as it often is the case), well sorry Seth, your structure goes bye bye.
Especially if we didn’t catch a single signal from a million Y.O civilization “only” 1500 L.Y away.
If it requested “the mother of all transmitters” to get these signals, why would SETI exist at all in the 1st place ?

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