Big Picture Science – Skeptic Check: How Low Can You Go

by Gary Niederhoff on March 28, 2016

Big Picture Science – Skeptic Check: How Low Can You Go
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Baby, it’s cold outside… but you still might want to be there. Some people claim that chilly temperatures are good for your health, and proponents of cryotherapy suggest you have a blast – of sub-zero air – to stave off wrinkles and perhaps halt aging altogether.

Meanwhile the field of cryonics offers the ultimate benefit by suggesting that you put future plans – and your body – on ice when you die. That way you might be revived when the technology to do so is developed.

So, will a chill wind blow you some good? Possibly, as scientists are discovering that the body can endure colder temperatures than previously thought. We examine the science of extreme cold and claims of its salubrious benefits.

It’s our monthly look at critical thinking, Skeptic Check … but don’t take our word for it!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Seth Abramovitch / Cryotherapy
Part 2: Gordon Giesbrecht / Phreezing Physiology
Part 3: Historic Cryosuspension
Part 4: Grant Shoffstall / Cryonic Suspension

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avatar Irene Fenswick April 5, 2016 at 3:12 am

Cryotherapy is usually used in the rehabilitation process (to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm etc.). But I think it shouldn’t be used out of curiosity. I may be mistaken, but there is no strong evidence to indicate that it has psychological or cosmetic usefulness.

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