Big Picture Science – Brain Dust

by Gary Niederhoff on December 5, 2016

Big Picture Science – Brain Dust

Know your brain? Think again. Driven by a hidden agenda, powered by an indecipherable web of neurons, and influenced by other brains, your grey matter is a black box.

To “know thyself” may be a challenge, and free will nonexistent, but maybe more technology can shed light on the goings on in your noggin, and the rest of your body.

Find out how tiny implanted sensors called “brain dust” may reveal what really going on.

Plus, the day when your brain is uploaded into a computer as ones and zeros. Will you still be you?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: David Eagleman / Brain Self
Part 2: The Representative Earthling
Part 3: Michel Maharbiz / Neural Dust
Part 4: David Eagleman / Brain Technology

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avatar Richard December 8, 2016 at 6:35 am

Ah yes the obligatory homage to the great religion of “Climate Change” aka “Human induced Global Warming” aka “We evil humans are causing the death of our own planet because of our greed to have a better life”. This is a universal religion apparently, pervading the galactic empire, along with gravity, space and time.

Lt Zork “Bro was talking about shade rather than chill. Warm – bad, cold – good”

Commander “Ah so Earth’s habit of burning fossil fuels has caught up with them at last, as it did with us, throughout our local great cluster of galaxies and beyond. Have they gone back to the glorious stone age?”

Lt Zork – “Yes indeeda. Everyone is now living happily ever after, with the 3 bears and little red riding hood’s wolf.”

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